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Production of cardboard
tubes for the textile industry

Traditional sector, this, for Tecnotubo. In the district of production of elastic fabrics, Tecnotubo counts among its customers some of the leaders at European level. In the field of furnishing fabrics “luxury area” Tecnotubo includes among its customers companies that rank among the first four most prestigious in the world. (realization in world famous theaters – theater the phoenix – theater the staircase – museums and castles in all parts of Europe)


Spiral tubes for:
– cotton
– wool
– silk
– synthetic fabrics
– elastic fabrics
– flame-retardant fabrics

Range (or types)

Spiral tubes: diameter from 35 to 55 mm. (other diameters on request) thicknesses from 2 to 5 mm. (other thicknesses on request) heights on request


– scrupulous dimensional compliance
– possibility of internal customization
– our assistance for the setting up of press installations
– flexo department intended only for printing + cutting of reels for soul customization.
– possibility of polypropylene coatings
– pvc
– polythene