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We take care of our environment, here is our photovoltaic system made by Luma Impianti.

Realization of Photovoltaic Plant Tecnotubo S.r.l.
This realization has seen us present in the spring / summer of 2010, the best time for temperature and climate. A first difficulty with which we faced, there was the need to find the best arrangement for the 84 photovoltaic modules that had to be installed on the roof of the Tecnotubo S.r.l. building. and on which type of structure to use. After careful calculations and elaborations, it was decided to use a real “Tank” made of highly weather-resistant plastic material suitable, in fact, for the installation of photovoltaic modules; bathtub model ConSole 6.2.

The installation

The work proceeded with the safety of the roof with parapets and signals, then, with the use of a specific blackbird, we carried out the movement of all the materials on the roof in order to start the works. The laying of all the tanks for accommodation of the modules, of the relative steel pipes, of the galvanized conduits and of all the upright cables were the basis of the processing. The special tanks have been deposited with cement blocks designed to block them. The works proceeded hand in hand on several fronts, both on the roof of the building and within the premises below. The electrical system inside the technical room, in fact, essential for the realization of the work and for the housing of the QCA electrical panel, continued in alternation with the start of the laying of the photovoltaic modules on the roof and their connection.

Photovoltaic modules used

It was decided to use high efficiency modules of the Mitsubishi Electric PV-TJ 230W GA6 polycrystalline brand with a 5 year warranty on factory defects, 10 years 90% yield, 25 years 80% yield. Modules attached to No. 3 6kW Power One Aurora PVI-6000-OUTD Inverters. The laying of the nr. 84 photovoltaic modules described above, and once the work was completed inside the technical room with the conclusion of the string switchboards and the relative systems, the system was completed with the last electrical connections and connections, and a general cleaning of the site and individual modules.


The photovoltaic system was officially completed in July 2010 for the full satisfaction of the customer, the company Tecnotubo S.r.l. of Montorio. The entire system fits perfectly into the surrounding environment both aesthetically and for undoubted environmental benefits. The plant is now fully functional, in addition to the customer we have stipulated an annual cleaning contract for the modules, which allows us to keep the individual strings, panels and in general the realization under control, contributing to the maintenance in perfect efficiency of the all.